Top Five European Countries Where Finns Buy Cars (And How We Deliver Them to Finland)

When it comes to purchasing cars, Finns often look beyond their borders for better deals, wider selections, and unique models. Europe, with its rich automotive history and diverse market, stands out as a popular destination for Finnish car buyers. Here, we’ll explore the top five European countries where Finns frequently buy cars and how our dedicated service ensures seamless delivery to Finland.

1. Germany: The Automotive Powerhouse

Germany is renowned for its engineering excellence and automotive innovation. Brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Volkswagen are synonymous with quality and performance. German car dealerships offer a wide range of new and used vehicles, often at competitive prices compared to Finland.

Why Germany?

Variety: Extensive selection of both luxury and economy vehicles.
Quality: High standards in vehicle manufacturing and maintenance.
Pricing: Generally lower prices and better deals on both new and used cars.
Delivery to Finland:
Our logistics team coordinates closely with German dealerships to ensure that your car purchase is transported safely and efficiently to Finland. We handle all the paperwork, customs regulations, and transport logistics, providing a hassle-free experience.

2. Sweden: Neighborly Convenience

Sweden is another favored destination for Finnish car buyers, thanks to its proximity and similar automotive culture. Brands like Volvo and Saab are particularly popular, and the cross-border trade between Finland and Sweden makes the process relatively straightforward.

Why Sweden?

Proximity: Shorter distance reduces transport time and costs.
Similar Standards: Comparable quality and regulatory standards to Finland.
Trusted Brands: Strong presence of reliable Swedish car manufacturers.
Delivery to Finland:
With regular ferry connections and efficient road transport networks, delivering cars from Sweden to Finland is both quick and cost-effective. Our service ensures your vehicle arrives in pristine condition, ready to hit the Finnish roads.

3. The Netherlands: The Hub of Second-Hand Cars

The Netherlands has become a hotspot for second-hand car sales, thanks to its robust market and consumer protections. Dutch dealerships are known for their transparency and high standards, making it a safe bet for Finnish buyers seeking used cars.

Why The Netherlands?

Transparency: Strict regulations ensure honest and reliable car sales.
Variety: Large inventory of well-maintained used cars.
Competitive Prices: Attractive pricing on a wide range of models.
Delivery to Finland:
Our team specializes in managing the complex logistics involved in transporting vehicles from the Netherlands to Finland. We offer comprehensive services that include inspection, paperwork, and secure transport to ensure your car arrives without any issues.

4. Italy: The Land of Luxury and Style

Italy’s reputation for stylish and luxurious cars makes it a dream destination for automotive enthusiasts. Whether it’s a sleek Ferrari, a chic Fiat, or a classic Alfa Romeo, Italian cars have a unique appeal.

Why Italy?

Luxury: Access to high-end, luxurious models.
Style: Unique designs and aesthetics.
Heritage: Rich automotive history and culture.
Delivery to Finland:
Transporting a car from Italy to Finland involves meticulous planning. Our service includes detailed inspections, secure packaging, and efficient transport routes to ensure that your Italian beauty reaches you in perfect condition.

5. France: The Perfect Blend of Practicality and Elegance

French cars offer a blend of practicality, comfort, and elegance. Brands like Renault, Peugeot, and Citroën are well-regarded for their innovative designs and affordability, making France a popular choice for Finnish buyers.

Why France?

Innovation: Modern, innovative features in many models.
Affordability: Competitive pricing for both new and used cars.
Comfort: Known for comfortable and reliable vehicles.
Delivery to Finland:
Our delivery process from France to Finland is designed to be smooth and efficient. We manage all necessary customs documentation and ensure that your car is transported safely and securely.

How We Deliver Cars to Finland
Our comprehensive car delivery service is designed to make the process of buying a car from another European country as seamless as possible.

Buying a car from another European country can offer significant benefits, from better prices to a wider selection of vehicles. With our expert delivery service, you can enjoy these advantages without any of the usual hassles. Whether it’s a luxury German sedan, a practical Swedish hatchback, or a stylish Italian coupe, we make sure your new car arrives safely in Finland, ready for you to enjoy. More information

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