Experts expect many purchases of electric trucks. This year they will be almost 50 percent more.

More than 6.3 million EVs will be shipped worldwide in 2022, up a third from 2021, consulting firm Gartner predicts. In the van and truck category, growth will be even greater. Gartner predicts that 34.4 percent will be shipped for all of 2022. more electric vehicles compared to the previous year. Of these, 95 percent will be cars, of which a little more than 6 million will appear on the market.

As for the most interesting electric van and truck carriers, their forecast growth will be above the average for other categories. More than 126,000 electric vans are forecast to hit the market this year, up 46.8 percent. year by year.

In the truck segment, Gartner expects delivery of 22.7 thousand vehicles, up 49%. more than the previous year, when 15.1 thousand electric trucks hit the roads.

While in the case of vans, the growth in deliveries of electric vehicles in 2021 turned out to be higher than the forecast for this year (56.1 percent versus 46.8 percent), in the category of trucks the situation will be the opposite. Last year this segment grew by 41.5%. year on year, and this year growth should exceed 49%.

This is likely due to the strong demand for vans in 2021 due to the dynamic growth of e-commerce during the pandemic.


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